Improvising Fatherhood

A blog about the comedy of being a dad.

Easter is one of those holidays that can be a lot of fun but often gets overshadowed by the other more exciting holidays like Christmas, Halloween, and Arbor Day.

Author’s note: These are jokes. The author does not condone these ideas and has not actually tried any of them…that you know of. This list will not hold up as evidence in a court of law [law_and_order_dun_dun.wav]

  • 1. Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt, go right to the source and have an Easter Bunny Hunt.
  • 2. Remind your kids of the true meaning of Easter by taking them to a graveyard and paying an actor to surprise them by popping out of a grave.
  • 3. Instead chocolate-filled eggs, eggs filled with hot chocolate. Very hot chocolate.

    4. An Easter Egg Hunt, but there’s only 1 egg, and the kids all have weapons.

    5. Video Game Easter Egg Hunt – Let the kids play popular videos games that have known “Easter eggs” hidden in the games. (OK this is actually a pretty rad idea)

    6. Regular Easter Egg Hunt but first….COCAINE.

    7. Decorate Easter Eggs…with the blood of your enemies.

    8. One of the Easter eggs is filled with bees.

    9. You tell them only one of the Easter eggs is filled with bees, but actually all of the Easter eggs are filled with bees.

    10. Some Easter eggs are covered in Vaseline. Some Easter eggs are covered in flypaper.

    So there you have it. You can’t go wrong these innovative ideas this Easter weekend. If you try any of these ideas please leave a comment letting me know how they went and remember I am not legally liable for what happens.

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