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About Improvising Fatherhood

The Improvising Fatherhood team has 4 key members.

The Dad – Nate Smith is a comedian and a writer. And a dork. For most of his life every ounce of his energy has been devoted to making people laugh. Now Nate has two boys and all of his energy has been redirected to raising his sons. So Nate decided to combine both efforts and make people laugh by raising his sons.

The Original Kid – Chandler is the star of the show. He’s the main event. When Nate first had the idea to write this blog about his son, he worried that maybe there wouldn’t be enough ongoing content to sustain it. Uh…he was wrong. Chandler has something similar to restless leg syndrome, except in his whole body. The kid seriously never stops moving and that provides plenty of material.

The New Kid – Parker is new in town and he’s got his sights set on taking over Chandler’s role as the star of the show. Parker has a few personality traits that differ from Chandler, but he has the exact same restless body syndrome his brother was born with. 

The Mom– Ashley made Chandler and Parker. Nate helped. But Ashley did all the hard work. Ashley is also the reason Nate started writing this blog in the first place. It was her idea…kind of like Chandler…and Parker. Ashley is as beautiful as she is patient. Ashley is EXTREMELY patient.

The Blog – Improvising Fatherhood is a non-profit blog…I mean Improvising Fatherhood is currently not profiting. But hey, we sure would love a little college fund cash for Chandler…or Parker (but not both, for some reason). So if you’d like to donate or join up in some sort of profitable venture, you can contact me at

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